Origines & Saveurs - Delicatessen and gourmet shop

Our Values

Short food circuits

Origines et Saveurs favours the short circuit with the aim of having as much information as possible about all the products' routes.

Quality products

Origines et Saveurs offers gourmet products of the highest quality.

Respect of the environment

Origines et Saveurs pays a lot of attention to the respect of the environment and working conditions.

The service is very friendly and welcoming!


I have made some very nice discoveries from different backgrounds


Kivu pepper is one of my greatest discoveries


They talk about us

Carenews - Origines & Saveurs

Carenews Infos

Sandrine Vasselin, has formed a partnership with other African producers offering products from the continent. Her goal: "to make our products known outside our communities."

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La cuisine à quatre mains - Origines & Saveurs

Cooking with four hands

Sandrine Vasselin Kabonga brews a few grains of wild black pepper from Kivu. "It's good for digestion!," she says, with a smile. It's also a good way to assess the quality of the pepper."

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Les Halles - Origines & Saveurs

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At 70, Rue Blaes, is a real bazaar, a crazy cabinet of curiosities in the middle of which is nestled Origines & Saveurs, a small and very gourmet delicatessen at the helm of which are Sandrine Vasselin and Lina De Munck.

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