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Jus Dorty, des jus 100% frais

Dorsty is a Belgian brand offering refreshing and naturally energetic drinks, without chemicals, made from Baobab pulp. 

What is the Baobab tree ? 

In Africa, the Baobab tree is the symbol of longevity because this tree can live up to 2000 years. The Baobab tree gives birth to the monkey bread, a fruit in which is the pulp with which Dorsty juices are made.

The Baobab tree is found in more than 31 countries in Africa, from the drier regions of the Sahara to the forests of Madagascar. 

Baobab pulp is a food very rich in fibre and calcium. It has a high acidity. This pulp is a natural tonic for everyone. It contains seven times more antioxidants than a pomegranate, six times more vitamin C than an orange, six times more potassium than a banana and three times more calcium than milk. 

As you can see, Baobab pulp is very good for our health.  

The benefits of Baobab juice ? 

This tree is sometimes called the pharmacist tree because it can be a very effective remedy. Whether it is the leaves, the roots or the scion, these parts are often used for nutritional and therapeutic purposes. 

Baobab juice can be used to : 

Fighting tooth decay 

When you have tooth pain, it is recommended to put Baobab sap on the tooth in question. 

Baobab seeds are often used by dentists as a treatment for cavities. These seeds are crushed to obtain a powder that is spread on the tooth. 


Against stomach problems 

The Baobab contains a lot of acidity, which is used to treat many gastric ailments such as diarrhoea or inflammation of the digestive tract. Baobab was also rich in fibre, which helps to keep the digestive system in good condition. 

A powerful febrifuge 

Baobab scent can also be reused. It is also known for its febrifuge properties. An infusion of Baobab helps to fight malaria and fever attacks. The vitamins contained in the Baobab pulp are very useful for cures or to help convalescents get back into shape. 


Baobab juice is really good for your health! 

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