Legal information – Origines & Saveurs

Legal information

1. Company description and activity

Origines & Saveurs is an SRL that offers quality food products from the terroirs du Sud. It buys all its products directly from mainly local producers and then processes and resells them.

This company only sells in B2C.

The aim of Origines & Saveurs is to highlight as much as possible the products of small local producers so that they are paid a fair price and customers get fresh, quality products and in short circuit.

2. Identity

The Origines & Saveurs website is managed by the natural person Sandrine Vasselin, domiciled at Drève de Nivelles n° 28/B5, 1150 Brussels, Belgium registered with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises under number BE0680588028 and under the commercial name "Origines & Saveurs".

3. Contact

Origines & Saveurs customer service can be reached by :

4. Dispute resolution

For the consumer to settle a dispute, you have the possibility to use the European Commission's online dispute resolution platform at the following address: or contact the company at the following email address:

5. Hosting of the site

The Origines & Saveurs site is hosted by